Equipping women and girls with tools to love themselves and know their worth.


About Me

My name is Janell Jones and thanks for coming to my site. I am wife, mother, business owner, speaker, certified life coach, and an author. I understand life challenges and am here to help you work through your struggles and achieve your goals.

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It’s no secret how challenging life can be if you don’t love yourself or know your worth. Don’t spend years going through the cycle of trying to “figure” life out when you have the power within to achieve your desires. Not dealing with your internal self can cause many dreams to diminish, goals to be unaccomplished , and incomplete resolutions. I teach strategies that I used in my journey that transitioned me from victim to Queen.



I empower, challenge, and give tools to help others maximize their greatest asset…themselves! I love to see people win. I don’t like to “hype” the crowd only for them to walk away empty handed. I provide tools to help achieve a desired outcome and create real change. 

“Nothing happens until the pain of remaining the same outweighs the pain of change.”

-Arthur Burt

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My courses are designed to help you maximize your best self and provide you with additional support with people who are like-minded. The “classroom” is a hand-on, self-pace experience.

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Another way I empower women and girls is through my books. I spread the message of self-love and self-respect to all ages.  I currently have three books, It All Begins With You: 9 Affirmations to Love Yourself and Know Your Worth; It All Begins With You: Workbook; and Beauty in Mahogany.



Girl, You Got This Podcast

Give me five minutes! My podcast is one of my anticipated products. In just five minutes, I provide real, raw, and relatable information that will encourage you! I pack a lot of information in those five minutes to provide you with additional tools to help you win in life! My podcast is also available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play. Be sure you subscribe today!