My coaching program is designed to help women identify areas in their lives that need healing, forgiving, clarity, and transformation. Often people feel stuck, undervalued, and frustrated when trying to reach their goals. The truth is, many people have hidden issues that are holding them back. Learn how to get the results you want by starting with You. Click the link below to schedule a free 30-minute strategy session.




“Janell Jones was instrumental in helping me take the necessary steps toward achieving my dream. She took me from idea to goal to implementation. Her focus on action steps and accountability helped me to launch my bog and freelance writing career."

-Mocha Melange, Content Creator

"I have gone from feeling hopeless in my career to being excited to learn what action steps I need to take next on my journey.With Janell's help, I am embarking on a new part of my life that has laid dormant for many years."

-Starr Mallory, Suffice Boutique

“Janell Jones really does empower. I have been working with her for just a few short weeks and I have truly found myself being more committed to taking actions towards my dreams and goals. There are 2 specific ways that she has influenced me. Firstly, she is a go-getter! She is action oriented and greets it done. Once she has knowledge and a plan to reach the goal/dream, she implements right away. She leads by example. Secondly, she gently and consistently holds me accountable to mine as well. Janell fully expects that actions are taken to achieve. She supports and encourages until it happens.”

-Rachelle Lawson, At The Table Communication

“Janell, you have helped me stay focused on my goals. With all the distractions that life brings, you have always given me the encouragement I needed to keep going. You're a natural goal-setter, go-getter and it's impossible to be in your presence and not be motivated to conquer our dreams and live our best lives!”

-Marshia Boone, Voiceover